Lock bumping is a lock picking technique for opening a lock using a specially crafted “bump key”. One bump key will work for all locks of the same type.

This method of lock picking is gaining popularity with criminals all over the world as a clean, quiet and simple way of gaining entry to any locked area. No loud noises, no broken glass, no mess. Most residential cylinder locks are not bump resistant and make easy targets for criminals.

The Details

  • A bump key is manufactured or obtained and will work on certain models of locks.

  • The bump key is inserted into the lock.

  • The key is bumped or tapped using a hard object, for instance the handle of a screwdriver.

  • The force of the tapping on the bump key, whilst immediately turning it allows the lock to be opened.

For a demonstration of how this works please view the videos on the Media Alerts page.

Other Information

  • Lock bumping does not harm the lock. There may be no evidence of damage to the lock or forced entry, which can make home insurance difficult to claim.

  • Almost all Australian homes use standard cylinder locks which are defenseless against lock bumping.

  • Unfortunately, the bumping method of breaking into secured areas has become common knowledge through extensive coverage in the media and the availability of information on the internet.

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